Founded in June 2016, zudian Technology has more than 30 national-level technology invention patents. It is an intelligent sharing platform that relies on Internet and Internet of Things technologies, combined with industry characteristics and big data.

Renting technology is based on the vision of “moving for demand, instant IoT”, providing high-standard user service, sharing the charging treasure for the market, building through the big data intelligent analysis and community O2O platform operation. A comprehensive entrepreneurial platform for a partner mechanism.

Actively responding to the call of “People's Entrepreneurship and Innovation” proposed by Premier Li Keqiang, the “Partners' Dividend Mechanism”, designed by the consultant team of renting technology and economic experts, has created a “partner economy” business model with great commercial and social value— Integrate all available resources to provide a new entrepreneurial concept for all entrepreneurs and the “precise poverty alleviation” that the government has been paying attention to.

The first phase of the rental technology project, namely “mobile phone shared charging” related equipment and products, attracted nearly 1,000 partners from more than 250 cities across the country in just 10 months of operation, accumulating registered users. Up to 50 million, fully verified the scientific nature of the "partner mechanism" based on the premise of "integrity, sharing, openness, fairness" and huge market development potential.

  "There is a dream, to rent electricity!" Welcome people of insight to rent electricity, join the rent, and work together to create more miracles!


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